Patrick ‘Axis’ Cascade has left the building

patrick cascade


Real name: Patrick

Handle: Patrick Axis Cascade

Country: Germany

Ex member of :
Anxius (11-1987 -> 4-1988), Cascade (5-1988 -> 22/12-2014) [web], Cosa Nostra (1/3-2008 -> 22/12-2014), The New Masters (1989 -> 1989), The Remix Crew (1-1987 -> 11-1987), The Solaris Agency (10/11-2012 -> 22/12-2014) [web]
Functions :
Mega Swapper, Organizer
Founder of :
Cascade, The Remix Crew, Anxius

Organizer of :
Cascade-TGM-TNM Copyparty

Patrick AKA “Patrick Axis Cascade” was a member of the c64 and Amiga group : Cascade .

Patrick (or simply Pat) was very active on FB and on youtube channel , he uploaded enormous

videos of C64 releases especially retro c64 demos and c64 intros but also a large clips (vids) of Amiga demos aswell. he kept posted the Vids on C64 FB groups and simply delivered the releases outside the c64 scene to the wide open public (mainly resident on FB platform)

i used to had a lot of chats with Patrick and i miss him so much, he was always a true good friend who always delivered releases at no time to FB groups with a lot of passion & Dedication of preserve the C64/Amiga Scene. i love him so much

day of death: 22-12-2014


Rest on peace Patrick “Axis” Cascade

c64 profile:

Youtube clip in a memory of Patrick “Axis” Cascade


rest in peace Patrick… flower3




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  1. Patti also Pat also Axis of Cascade and The Solaris Agency ( TSA ) – was our friend, ..he was the friend of so many sceners and he lived for the scene.

    He was a brave guy and yes… i miss his good soul, his motivating art and himself.


    AMItac of TSA


  2. You’ll never been forgotten Patty, R.i.P


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