We say Last Goodbye Reward/Scoopex

Very Sad news . Our beloved friend and talented artist, Reward / Scoopex^Complex^Damones^Finnish Gold has passed away today at age of 47.

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Mika Hoffrén post today a touchy post  about the lost of Reward 08/09/2020

My dear friend Sami Vanhatalo (Reward) slept away from us yesterday.
I met you Sami for the first time in the late 80’s at a computer party in Hartola, when the Finnish Computer scene started. I noticed back then that you were a very talented artist, graphic artist and organizer. You were a member and actively influenced in several Finnish
and foreign scene groups as well as in the modem-bbs scene in the early 90’s.
Later, you were one of the founding members of Finland’s most successful gaming company, Remedy.
You were creating game history with the games like Death Rally, Max Payne and Alan Wake.
You were also involved in many start-ups as an investor, mentor and author. Some of these companies are very successful.
I heard some years ago from a young graphic artist how he had met you. He was your big fan and thought you were a legend. You had been very friendly to him, helped him and told him how to do things the other way.
You counseled him and mentored an unknown person unselfishly. This is one story among others about how you were appreciated.
We had many adventures around the world together at scene parties and we had a lot of fun. As a person,
you were very empathetic, helpful, considerate and really endearing. You will be warmly remembered among your friends.
The picture is from a computer party in the summer of 1990 when you had won a demo competition with Slayer and Uncle Tom in the spring in Sweden at the Eastern Conference with a legendary demo of Mental Hangover Scoopex.
There, together with our friends, we cheered and laughed at how Finland emptied the prize table in Sweden and got the main prize USR-Robotics HST home in Finland 🙂
Recently, we called weekly. You always started the call saying good day Director Hoffren …
In recent months, you talked about how good friends need to be in contact often.
I guess you knew that the departure was near. We had plans to see and have fun together but unfortunately time ran out. You reminded and taught me that friends need to stay in touch.
Thank you for those many calls and lengthy discussions. I appreciate them forever.
Thank you for these decades.
You will be missed by a lot of good friends, daughter and Tuhma- & Täystuho (Naughty & Total Destruction) cats.
Be well up there and keep the corner table chair reserved with Lennu for me.
your friend,

Mika Hoffren — with

Sami Vanhatalo

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The winning Amiga demo of the Swedish Elite Easter Conference 1990 , Reward made the gfx  for it 

Rest in Peace Reward/Scoopex


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  1. Jerry / Rebels, Desire & Insane September 30, 2020 — 1:06 am

    Sad news. Never met in person, but I have fond memories from the early scene days…
    Rest in peace!


  2. Rest in Peace Reward. I never met you until Payback 2014 (I think) and remember being starstruck of meeting such a legend. Too bad I didnt get to hang out more than that one time!


  3. Petro Tyschtschenko September 26, 2020 — 1:09 pm

    Rest in peace… Petro Tyschtschenko former President Amiga


  4. S!Nk of HMD & tHe sPy of Quartex September 26, 2020 — 12:55 pm

    Th@nk for your Gfx and kickass logos
    R.i.p the artist.
    Legend never die.


  5. We never met in person. But he did have a great impact in the scene. He shaped, together with all great sceners entertainment with great productions that were released in forms of demos and games. Last thing I heard from him is he teamed up with Jon Hare on the soccer project. Rest in piece old pixel maestro.


  6. You marked the amiga scene by the quality of your gfx, I’ve always been a fan of your logos. Rest In Peace, we’ll never forget you.


  7. Petro Tyschtschenko September 26, 2020 — 2:41 am

    Best regards…. those people who are talking such fake news about me, are not worth to be Amigians. Petro Tyscvhtschenko


  8. I didn’t know him personally but I of course known the Mental Hangover and also the Wormhole… and plays Max Pain 1 a lot…

    A scener who die make the whole demoscene sad…

    I dedicated the episode 3 of my serial Youtube video about the demoscene…

    Rest in peace…


  9. i love the gfx from him … i am sad 😦 he becomes a good place in heaven … RiP REWARD


  10. Petro Tyschtschenko August 9, 2020 — 4:35 pm

    So sorry that another evangelist and legend are passed away. Rest in peace…
    Petro Tyschtschenko foremer President of AMIGA


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