R.I.P Richard Frost “Fatfrost”/Angels/Atlantis

RIP Richard Frost – so sad he is gone

Real Name: Richard Frost
Handle: Fat Frost
Country: United Kingdom
Date of death: 10/09/2021 , September the 10th

Awful news with the report about the loss of our C64 friend , Richard Frost aka FatFrost/Angels/Atlantis/EXclusive ON/Monk groups , Richard did a lot of awesome C64 graphics and was well known to his terrific abilities and pixeling qualities and did a lot of graphics released for variety groups from 2007-2021 .
for my personal angle (Alex) I first met “Fatfrost” on X’2012 demo party , I remember quite well a very super nice person , we had a beer together outside the demos hall and he was one of the nicest person I have ever met in my life and very positive . I can’t recall atm what we have been talking cause it was way a long time ago but I assume we were speaking of his C64 ideas for demos and games to follow . later the party we still were in touch through fb and kept text each other from time to time and always remember a very nice and good talks , he spoke about his daughter quite a lot and was a proud father. can’t really digest he is not with us anymore. rest in peace my friend! all my love to your family. you will be always missed to all of your friends and colleagues . i want to use this platform to speak about the fundraiser for Richard’s beautiful girl Zosia who is only 4 years old. pls help the family and open your heart for them

A C64 Tribute for Richard , made by Jammer a past member of EXclusive ON with unfinished works made by Richard frost. Beautiful tribute released on October 2021
“Beats” /Atlantis A demo released on Datastorm 2017 summer C64 party . featuring Fatfrost gfx .

A letter from “Conrad” – taken from CSDB C64 forum
I’m completely gutted and shocked to hear this tragic news about Richard. 😦 One of the nicest and positive men I have ever met in my life!
First knew him in 2007 here online and I had many chats with him … I always remember he wanted to organise “8-bit Bonk” … a party of C64, beer, hot girls and so on… ;D ,We eventually got in touch on the phone about arranging a car trip from England to X’2012 demoparty … and so, I picked him up (as well as Polish scener Scarab) in the car I was using for the trip.
That car trip was something I will never forget… he was the talkative man with a big heart and a very cultured being with a lot of stories to tell, not just on C64 but his life and surroundings in general… it kept us going throughout that very long trip from Teesside -> Rotherham -> Nottingham -> London -> Dover -> France -> Belgium -> Netherlands -> X’2012.
Half-way there, he expressed many ideas about games that could be made on C64, demo-effects and so on… he was a true visionary with many ideas.
On the way back from X’2012 demoparty, we went to his mother’s house for a small break, that was his dropping-off point… while there, he gave me a huge block of home-made Wensleydale cheese (which took a good month to consume :)) as well as a bottle of one of the finest whiskeys… not only that, he literally gave me a full Commodore C64 set with datasette and tapes (it was the Commodore “Mindbenders” edition with Marilyn Monroe on the box), I still have it in my cupboard, unopened because it is so clean and new! … All of this must have been his thank-you gift for me taking him to his first C64 demoparty. 🙂
Writing all this is making me sad… I wished I could have transported him to further demoparties but I wasn’t there afterwards… but now he is no longer with us. :((
Seriously, one of the nicest men in the C64 scene you could ever meet!
R.I.P Richard Frost (aka FatFrost) … I send my deepest condolences to his family and everyone who knew and loved him.
Your old C64 bro, Owen / Conrad.

Fire of the Mind
“fire your mind” gfx work by Richard 2017
Jammer, Pace with Fatfrost , picture taken from Riverwash’15 demo party . picture courtesy by DKT

Visit C64 page of Fatfrost on CSDB:

Rest In peace Richard


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  1. What a beautiful story to share, thank you Conrad. My brother was an amazing person, I’m glad you got to share some time with him snd made some great memories 🌹


  2. petrotyschtschenko October 10, 2021 — 12:51 am

    Rest in PEACE….. last greetings from Petro Tyschtschenko


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