Sadly Roger Kean founder of Zzap64 and Crash left us

Another legend gone… 😦
With a truly great sadness we in 8bit legends report that Roger Kean the founder of the amazing and fabulous Zzap64 magazine is passed away on 03/01/2023 due to a neurologic disease..
Roger was also the founder of Newsfield Publications and created spectacular vidego games magazines
Sinclair Classic , Crash64 and ZZap64 .
thank you very much Roger for your tremendous contribution to my happy C64 days back in the day.
Roger is now reunited with Oliver Frey the graphic artist of Zzap64 and the man behind so many iconic games covers of C64 games.

RIP Roger kean . we already miss your personality

From left to right. Julian Rignall, Gary Liddon, Gary Penn and Roger Kean

A letter from Roger kean on June 25, 2022 on FB:
Neither Oliver nor I are given to airing medical problems on FB, but I felt it was appropriate last year to admit my diagnosis of motor neurone disease (MND or ALS/Lou Gehrig Disease in US) as background to resigning from further involvement in Crash, Zzap and other publications for Fusion Retro. I have outlived the initial prognosis of 30 July 2020 thanks in no little part to the loving care I have had from my life’s partner, Oliver. I am now at the stage where I am unable to do anything for myself without his help.
Now—as fate would have it—Oli is in as much need of help as me – if not more so. Late in May a sore throat was diagnosed as a cancer of the right tonsil, aggressive and as it had spread, inoperable. Prognosis: 6–9 months, possibly two years with radiology. This palliative treatment would be excruciating and rob him of most of the time gained. He has refused it.
There is a glimmer of hope in a relatively new treatment called immunotherapy. It doesn’t work for everyone, but tests have shown that his immune system is between 80–90% in strength and should react positively. Immunotherapy is not a cure but can add a year of life. The first treatment (a monthly outpatient visit for two years) is scheduled for Monday 28 June.
Sadly, he is physically very weak and so Oli is no longer able to undertake any further artwork commissions. The kind words on FB from so many have been a blessing. Thank you.

A very touchy letter by Roger Kean on July 30 , 2022
First I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for my 74th birthday wishes (and Simon, forgive me for falling to send you birthday wishes).
Life is a series of experiences, not all pleasant, but happy moments have outweighed the sad ones by a wide margin – at least for me. I’ve been blessed with wonderful friendships. Nevertheless, circumstances have stacked up to the point where it’s time to step back from online life. I can no longer use a keyboard on desktop, laptop or phone. Oliver is mostly bedbound and frail from the cancer that’s eating him (sadly, immunotherapy has been ruled out because he is too weak to stand it).
Until nine days ago Franco was our mainstay, when out of the blue he suffered a massive brain bleed. He is in Queen Elisabeth Hospital, Birmingham in a coma. We know damage has occurred but until he can be brought round we won’t know the extent.
This, then, is my farewell to social media friends on behalf of we three. Franco hasn’t been on FB for years, but my page and Oli’s will remain for the time being but don’t anticipate posted responses.

Rest in peace Roger kean

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