Charlie – Depredators


Real Name: Christian

Handle: Charlie

Country: Austria

Christian was involved in a lethal car accident on its way to the TCC’93 party (Gothenburg, Sweden). His life tragically ended on May 28th 1993 at the age of 20 years. His girlfriend Andrea, The Murphy, The Sneaper and Mr.Alpha who were also in the car luckily survived the car crash. The car crash is mentioned in A-Head #3.

you can read more details here:

rest in peace Charlie… flower3


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  1. I knew Christian long before the accident happened from his time in Lazer, later we were together in DDT and were in contact from time to time. Last time I met him was at the Brutal&Hurricane party… I was very shocked back then when I heard of his death. so sad…


  2. Also i knew Charlie back from my Swappping Times and then i´ve met him and his Girlfriend at the CeBIT’93 in FFM. He was a very sympathetic Person and his Girlfriend was such a beauty. Also we can together at the Brutal & Hurricane Party at Samso. After i heard that he died by a Car accident i was very shocked. It was the first time for me to get in touch with the Death of “Scener”. RIP Charlie, but you will for sure not forgotten!


  3. I knew Charlie personally from several copy parties. He was a very nice guy, who had joy on the C64 and also a life. That was sad news back then, really. 😦


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