Dr. Detergent

dr. detergent

Handle: Dr. Detergent

We have the unfortunate task of relaying some sad news today.

I just found out that a friend, Dr. Detergent has passed away. It’s been some time but I just managed to find him again since we lost contact for a very long time. Unfortunately I found out he had passed away in his sleep at the age of 33.

Dr. Detergent was a well respected cracker and programmer the 1990s. Known for his cracking ability, his name could often be found on various cracks and trainers for various games from the golden era of PC gaming. A former member of many renowned groups he will be missed by the many people who worked with him during those legendary Razor 1911, The Dream Team, Syndicate, Phoenix, INC and The Humble Guys days.

Source: https://defacto2.wordpress.com

rest in peace Dr. Detergent… flower3

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