Kamil “Budgie” Kaczmarek


Real name: Kamil Kaczmarek

Handle: Budgie

Country: Poland


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Budgie/Appendix R.I.P.

I`d found this at Orange Juice today. I didn`t knew him. But I`m always shocked when someone dies so young.

Here is the original article that I`ve found at Orange Juice.

Kamil “Budgie” Kaczmarek died in a car accident 3 days ago. He was a Polish amiga scener who first was active as an ascii artist in Link124 and Doggystyle, but later switched to pixel graphics and was active in Absurd, Appendix, Dreamweb and 100% Prophets. He also contributed to MAWI demos like “Another Dream Away”. Rest in peace, Budgie!

Very sad thing. Hope you are in a better world now.




Additional info by a scener-friend:
He was not only a good graphician, but also a superb swapper/trader
back in the days. I visited him once in Poland in the 90’s, which was
awesome. We went to a computer party together. As far as I remember he
went away after a car accident. 😦 I think he was just finished with
his education as a baker, but can’t remember all details. You can find
more info on the site I linked to above. Very tragic. 😦

rest in peace Kamil… flower3

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