Steiger – Entropy


Real name: Ken Polson

Handle: Steiger/ Midromin / Creative Insanity

Country:  New Zealand

Date of Death : 06/2008

Ken passed away from cancer a few weeks ago this year (June, 2008).





Sysop on BBS :
BBS Shed (Main), Statue (Main)

condolences from  Slug on 15/03/2015 (source: CSDB)

He sure was a great dude ,a sad loss
– glad to see his legacy still survives in the digital world,
I was glad to have meet him & had learnt alot from chatting
with him , lol even in the days of the local BBS’s before
the net was a baby . we used to blow the system ops away about the fact we were dialing from C=64 modems (1200 bpm!)
we both convinced many to leave space for C=64 downloads
on their server , the good old nineteen-hundreds 🙂

you can watch more info about the scener here:
Rest in peace Ken..flower6


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  1. YO! WTF! I have never seen this!! about my DAD – I don’t even know if anyone looks at this site anymore but this was my POPs! he was a damn rough Diamond he cared about us, but didn’t show it!! I remember when he had cancer and I went to hug him many years ago! when first came out! I remember the words “get off my I’m not gay”! that’s how rough he was” I WISH I can show him how far I have come! he wanted ONE Person in the family to out BETTER him in programming and computers today I work for Spark as a device engineer for mobile devices and IOT products! To be honest, I did a lot of dodgy crap when I was young… stealing, getting with the wrong crowd.. I clearly remember that time I and my mates stole Jewellery and tried to sell it … we got busted and if it wasn’t for my dad putting me straight saying to the police put him in JAIL till i come down… god knows where I would be right now! – I owe everything to my dad, he got me into computers and told me in the future this is where it’s going to make sure you have your head on straight! and focus! and I did… now thanks to my POPs! I’m ahead in life! fking miss you DAD! i know you’ll say “don’t be a fucking baby!” ….


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