Steiger – Entropy


Real name: Ken Polson

Handle: Steiger/ Midromin / Creative Insanity

Country:  New Zealand

Date of Death : 06/2008

Ken passed away from cancer a few weeks ago this year (June, 2008).





Sysop on BBS :
BBS Shed (Main), Statue (Main)

condolences from  Slug on 15/03/2015 (source: CSDB)

He sure was a great dude ,a sad loss
– glad to see his legacy still survives in the digital world,
I was glad to have meet him & had learnt alot from chatting
with him , lol even in the days of the local BBS’s before
the net was a baby . we used to blow the system ops away about the fact we were dialing from C=64 modems (1200 bpm!)
we both convinced many to leave space for C=64 downloads
on their server , the good old nineteen-hundreds 🙂

you can watch more info about the scener here:
Rest in peace Ken..flower6

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