Mario “Mr. Alpha” Berghold

mr. alpha

Real name: Mario Berghold

Handle: Mr. Alpha

Country: Austria

Ex member of :
Austrian Swapping Group, Dynamic Projects, Exile ( -> 6-1993) [web], Fantastic 4 Cracking Group (1994 -> ) [web], JAM (2-1993 -> 6-1993), Lore of Arts ( -> 2-1993), Nostalgia (2-1995 -> 8/4-2014) [web], Rebels (6-1993 -> 8-1994), The Remembers (1-1994 -> 2-1995) [web]
Functions :
Co-Organizer, Cracker, FTP Supporter, Organizer, Original Supplier, Swapper
Founder of :
The Remembers, Dynamic Projects, Nostalgia, Austrian Swapping Group


Was involved in the same car crash that killed Charlie.

the Tragic Announcement :

Hi my Name is Rupert and I am the brother of Mr.Alpha.

I’m sorry to announce that My brother died on 08.04.2014

for questions of any kind:

“We understand death for the first time when he puts his hand upon one whom we love.”

grg/Nostalgia wrote:

I’m deeply shocked.
Mr. Alpha stepped down on his c64 activities some 7-10 years ago. He regularly visited us at our forum and #n0s to pull some strings now and then. It’s not that long ago that I chatted with him. He was always straight to the point and never afraid to speak up. A good c64 friend that will be missed by all of us.

RIP Mario.

Mr.Alpha page on CSDB:


Mr. Alpha was involved in the same car crash that killed Charlie. Snip: “Christian was involved in a lethal car accident on its way to the TCC’93 party (Gothenburg, Sweden). His life tragically ended on May 28th 1993 at the age of 20 years. His girlfriend Andrea, The Murphy, The Sneaper and Mr.Alpha who were also in the car luckily survived the car crash.”

Mr. Alpha passed away in April 2014 having a cardiac arrest in his sleep


Interview with Mr. Alpha

Published in Domination #14
Performed by Jazzcat

Presenting to you one of my friends from the scene, a person that has been around and explored most of the scene’s subcultures. Member of the Fantastics and Nostalgia, please welcome Mr. Alpha in his first scene interview ever!

Greetings Mario! I am happy to welcome you to the pages of Domination. I know you myself for many years now, starting when we mail traded together, but please introduce yourself to the audience…

Hi David!
Sure we know each other for a while now, and I’m glad it’s you who arranged my 1st interview ever for a disk mag! ?

Well, my real name is Mario and I’m 26 years “old”. I’m living in Austria and work for a security firm mostly as porter or guard.

Maybe you can give us all a brief story on your scene history?

I started in the active C64 scene around early 1992, but I monitored the scene since 1987 because I got info and actual releases from my neighbour’s friend, being in “Future Crew” at that time… but I forgot his name, shame on me. Before 1992 I traded with only one guy here in Austria, it was a member of a crew called “L-C-C” and he sent me 10 to 20 disks with C64 stuff every 14 days.

I got my handle “Mr. Alpha” cause my neighbour named himself “Mr. Zero” and we built a local group called “Dynamic Projects”.

My 1st C64 I got together with my brother and our “handle” was DLC before the local gang started ? This neighbour I’m talking about was later better known as Keoma/WOW.

My first “real” group was “Lore of Arts” which I joined at the Cosmos party in Gleisdorf/Austria in 1992. A certain “Murphy” asked me if I like to release something under LOA…

The leader of LOA was a certain “Frank/LOA” today known as Xenox/AFL’70. I started swapping really intensively at that time and sooner or later I joined JAM and as 2nd group Exile (Hungarian group). Quite shortly after that I got an offer from Neotec/Rebels to join Rebels as original supplier/swapper, so I said YES. Meanwhile my old friend Sneaper joined F4CG coming from WOW as cracker and coder. But he needed originals which I got quite regularly at that time, so it was a question of time only, as I got an offer from Sneaper as co-leader of F4CG at that time to join the Fantastics. Of course I agreed at once ?
This happened in 1993.

Later, as Sneaper slowed down his activities I “cracked” some games for F4cg, also… but nothing special to mention, really.

On January 1st 1994 I started my own group, calling it an “oldie-crew” with the name “The Remembers” later known as Nostalgia. So, since 1994 no new groups was I active for, quite stable, eh? 😀


rest in peace Mario… flower3

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