Mr. Bacher – Xakk

Real Name: Andreas Ohlsson

Handle:   Mr. Bacher/Xakk

Country:  Sweden

Date of Death:  07/05/2017

Andreas was a member of the legendary demo group:  Xakk  , and was the coder of older releases made on 1987 , as like  : “Xakk mix 1” , “Dandy Into” and “Xaxx mix 2”


Text ripped from the Xaxx Mix 2 release

hello !! hello !!! this is
mr. bacher of xakk cracking section spea
king to you !!! this is my se
cond demo with my own music !!!

what do you think of it ???? special greetings to knatter for this scroll
-routine !!! i was going to make this demo something special ( well, at least to myself ) but it didn’t went the way i wanted to !!!
you just have to confine with this !!! maybe next time !!!! you will probably not

see any more demo from me this side of the summer because i have very, very mush to do !!!!! if you want to contact me then write to:
andreas ohlsson
halarp 2057 269 00 bastad sweden or call me: 0431/612 80 !!!!!
what do you think i should say now ???? greetings ‘eh ???? ok !!!! here we
go…………………greetings to: wcc oh sorry it should be: faitlight, vcc , ccc ( hi the adventurer !! you wi
ll probably not read this but i write it
anyway. i will soon come and play ‘space battle’ on yor amiga !! i will al
so by one !! after the summer ) mr. m
azter ( you must finish your demo soon ! !! i can hardly wait !! ) sfl, diode (
please send my discs back !! i need them desperatly !! and i will not send you anything until you send them to me !!
the dutch ( you have to wait a while on you discs !! i don’t have anything to send !! otherwise i’m very happy we could swap !!!
i didn’t have anything you sent me !! ) mega hacers, bilbo, starlight, gummybears ( funny name ), the mutants, jakob, xerok
( i’m still waiting on my discs ) weedus man ( i wonder if you don’t have forgotten one of my discs !! i thought i send you 8 !!! )
the explorers, xl-crackers, softwere surgery inc. the outsiders, lase, ecs , the dominaters, isa, the danish circle, tlg 1945, sci,
janine, tfc, the softies important devision ’39, rob hubbard ( for making great music ) fishy , kenny ( you have to wait for your
disc a long time !! ) kaggen, the swappers, mr. piff & all the members of xakk
( mr. vivace, mr. mezzo, mr. bacher, knatter, jolly cracker, bacs, crackpot ) !! and now a mega message to everyone who has recived a disc from
mr. mezzo (xakk): please send bach mr. mezzos discs otherwise… oh i almost forgott mega greetings to: mr. bacher
( i am such a greate guy ) !!! eeeeeeeeh eeeeeeeh important message will soon come !!
now it comes: look out for mr. mezzos & mr. vivaces two mega demos CALLED ‘GIRL DEMO’ !!!!!!!
, BUT I THINK I MUST WRITE SOMETHING MORe because i have more memory left !!!
but that’s not the only reason why i hav to write some more text in this scroll
-routine which is quite good !!!

Rest In Peace…Andreas