Griff – Chromance


Real Name: Péter Varga

Handle:  Griff

Country:  Hungary

Date of Death:  Unknown

Alex/Chromance informs us yesterday (30-6-2017) that Griff has passed away, years ago.  how sad :((

Griff was a very talented C64 Musician who made a lot of cool Sid music and was a member of Chromance group

and FBI Crew ,  and his tunes were used for many cracking c64 groups  like: FBI , Dynamix , Genesis Project , Dominators, Triumwyrat , Fairlight , Chromance and many more  , moreover he did music for  C64 magazines for example:  Clique and  also for games for instance   “Compunet” on 1989.

his scene career was from e 1988 to around 1995 with many cool and special style .

you can watch his C64 profile page here: on CSDB:

a blog from Mr.Wax reporting Griff passed away (Hungarian language)

some youtube with music by Griff  . thanks to Rough/Chromance for contribution

Rest In Peace…Péter