Razmo – Kefrens

Razmo oldtimer legend ,  one of the greatest coders and musicians on Amiga Scene who also had a little journey in the C64 Scene under Sidwise group has passed away.

Razmo  is mostly be  remember  for his amazing Amiga demos on the late 80’s with Kefrens mega demos where he did the coding ,  the music and the graphics. we are talking of the really early Amiga scene days with exceptional releases with a lot of plasma , jumping balls, sinus scrolelrs, styled logos , kickass music and “intro alike” feeling.  you will never be forgotten Razmo!

Real Name:  ?

Handle: Razmo

Country: Denmark

Date of Death: 16/05/2020

you can visit his C64 profile here:


you can visit his Amiga profile with his amazing Amiga releases list back on the 80’s . check this out



Rest in peace Razmo