Maestro – Kefrens

Real name: Martin de Agger

Handle: Maestro

Groups : Anarchy, Flash Production, Kefrens

Country: Denmark

In the memories of a Maestro

Friday the 14th of June 1996, an old amiga musician, Martin “Maestro” Agger had an heart attack and died in Aarhus, Denmark, 24 years old.

Martin was welknown back in 1988-1992 for the great modules he composed for demos and games. He produced his best pieces for groups like Kefrens, Flash Production and Anarchy.

Today Martin will be remembered for the great mind he had, and the openminded approach he had towards everything. Martin was the kind of friend, who always helped you up when you were down, and celebrated with you, when back on the top. And thats why, he will be so awfully missed by his friends, his girlfriend and the family.

The last couple of years, Martin started working alot with 3D modelling, and he had a great talent for that too. Just 2 months before his tragic death, he started as a computer modeller at the Danish national television, DR, which ofcourse made both him and us very proud.

As an end, I can only say how sorry I am, that you are not among us anymore, Martin.

From your friend, who will miss you forever …

Tony “Gonzo” Fonager




rest in peace Martin…  flower3

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