Turtle – Danish Gold


They make ’em – we break ’em!

Real name:  Dennis Lyllof

Handle: Turtle

Trivia :
Passed away November 2, 2006 after an organ failure.

Country : Denmark

Attended :
Danish Gold Autumn Party 2003
Danish Gold & Radwar Granddaddy ReUnion 2001 Party
Jewels/Danish Gold/Dominators/Upfront party 1988

Additional info from atlantis-prophecy.org

Founded by CAB and MSL in January 1984 the name did not come around until early in 1985. Danish Gold was one of the big names to come out of Denmark, releasing heaps of cracks and hosting several major events. One of these parties was the Danish Gold Copy Party 1987 in Odense. At this meeting took place one of the most important events in the C64 cracking scene history, the forming of the new cracking standard, which was to be followed until present day. This is as important as prior there was chaos in the land of C64, people naming their cracks “game name ++++++” and the like.

Now there was a standard where crackers could adhere to some proper rules, making it easier for everyone to understand what was improved or modified over the game original. Sphinx: “Odense Party July 1987 is probably the most important event in DG’s history. It the party where the rules for releases were written down and unanimously accepted: “+”, “+M”, “!” “101%” and “#” ect. Every major group was present there and it was the first time Sodan and Honey met face to face. The best event in my 64 years.”

Their famous cracker was Sunny who did plenty of cracks for Danish Gold. KNP did several imports for Danish Gold to prove that he were able to PAL-fix the games (as mentioned in Bop’n’Rumble that people expected only MZP and Mr. Z to be able to PAL-fix the game), but he also packed some of the US-releases while importing them. KNP was also the coder of the famous Danish Gold intro with the small logo and the scroller (you have to exit the intro pressing fire on joystick port 2).

The group was ended after a meeting in August 2004, Sphinx and Turtle telephoned CAB and after a quick vote it was decided that the group should die – “we had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun”…

* Made some releases in coop with Reflex Cracking Squad.

* Same slogan as Danish Crackers.

* Sphinx and Turtle are brothers.

* Turtle, who was also involved with Fairlight, died in November 2006.

* Tommerup Party ’88 – Turtle/DG came from Copenhagen on his bike (120KM/Great Belt ferry/50KM), but lost his way in the heavy storm and rain, so he left the bike at a factory area in Odense to be picked up by a German team that could not find the party (so it worked out well for the Germans and Turtle in the end!).

* At the same party some guys in Triad smashed a railroad wagon on the farmer’s grounds, so the guys in Danish Gold had to move the party to an indoor stadium.

* HCA (Michael) took his own life in 1993 with a machinegun in his apartment, his girlfriend Betina found him dead with blood all over the wall and even his beloved Amiga 500 was filled with it.

* One of the early Danish scene wars was between DG and The Supply Team. Rambones created U.D.G.H., United Danish Gold Haters, featured in the demo “It’s the Best/TST”. Nothing much eventuated, the two groups just did not want to trade together.

you can read more details here:


rest in peace Dennis… flower3

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