Roger Rabbit – Genesis Project

roger rabbit

Real Name: Roger

Handle: Roger Rabbit

Country: Germany

Ex member of :
Fire-Eagle, Genesis Project (1989 -> 1990) [web], Scouts, The Electronic Connection, Waste (1988 -> 1989)
Functions :
Coder, Graphician, Modem Trader


Roger/G*P received fame for his 2×2 charset that he created in 1988/1989 and that is still widely used today. Roger went to a grammar school that was flooded with sceners such as Double-U/The Sharks, Lez Fetz/Bionix, Vok/Dynamix, The Guard/Poison, Chotaire/Pandora and more. Roger died way too young (1990?) after a school party when he drove home on his bike and became involved in a terrible car accident, see Goodbye Roger.

from  Goodbye Roger release:

last saturday another one of my friends died in a terrible accident ! he came from a party and drove his bicycle along the road… in the middle of the night… pumped like hell with alcohol and canabis he finally lost the power and felt onto the street.. lying helpless on the asphalt he is finally closing his eyes.. there’s no power in his body to creep away from the road… and then he recognizes a light coming near… the sound of the car is getting louder and he holds up his arm for the last time… the car is rushing above him with 170 miles and for some seconds he feels the pain of death… then it’s over.. his heart stops to beat and his life has gone….. … . . do you know this charset ? this charset was done by someone from the real old elite called ‘roger of genesis project’… .. . and this music is the one he listened to when he was depressed…. … now he can never listen to this music again because he drunk too much (4.2 promille) and lost his life for a bottle of death !!!! roger was someone of the elite-dudes living in my town i always excepted.. in 1988 i always wanted to be like him… he coded all those fantastic gp-intros and made a lot of graphix… if you are longer in the scene than 3 years you might have swapped with him,and if you know him personally you will remember that he was a very cool person and not one of those venlo-loosers… he was someone i would like to have had as brother and partner in scene ! ..if you think there’s still a hope of friendship in this scene then please mention a sentence about his cruel death in your magazine or spread this file ! this is the last thing i and you can do for him… but i’ll never forget him and i will ever remember him as someone i always wanted to be !! rust in peace roger…. .. . we will see each other again in hell soon !! for the last time your friends from kempen want to say goodbye ! in the queue of honour are standing : chotaire and guard of poison, double u,letz fetz and dsi of bionix, volker of dynamix, celsius of druids, scythe of damage, airwolf of genesis project, the pope, longdrink, amputator, protector, imperator, rata-crash and virgin of rayon, eldo of electronic duo …. the end ….

Source: (  Goodbye Roger)

you can read more details here:

Rest in peace Roger… flower3

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