Derbyshire Ram

derbyshire ram

 Barry Joynes  aka “Derbyshire Ram” was one of the greatest and appreciated crackers on the c64 scene from the early days of the c64 commercial games , additionly  he had many contacts worldwide , and considered Indisputably a real pioneer as a cracker , he gained a large comminuty of fans and mates who admire his work and his awesome personality. a real c64 hero ! we love you so much Barry

day of death : 27-05-2007


Ex member of :
Alpha Flight [web], Amnesia, Avantgarde (10-1993 -> 7-1996), Deadline, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group (1996 -> 11/2-1997) [web], Illusion (9-1992 -> 12-1993), Laser, Relax Magazine Staff (2-1998 -> 5-1998) [web], Remember (6/12-1997 -> 27/5-2007) [web], The Dominators (3-1990 -> 11-1991) [web]
Functions :
Coder, Cracker, Original Supplier, Swapper


Passed away peacefully at his home early on Sunday morning, 27th of May 2007.

He was so brave and fought cancer with every bit of effort he could find for four years. Right up until the Saturday evening prior was he sitting in his chair with all his children around him.

Rest in peace old friend.



C64 profile page:

here you can d/l his over 3000 discs collection

rest in peace Barry… flower3



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  1. ❤ never forgotten, always in our heart!



  2. sleep with the lights! rest in peace!



  3. got in touch with him at the end of the 90’s early 00’s when I discovered there still was a c64 scene, found his address and started snail swapping with him a lot.. He was so kind copying for me all the wares I asked for and I remember his long notes tellin me all his stories about c64 golden years, he was a real gentleman to me. lost contact with him after some years to found years later has passed away, I’m very sad.
    thanks again DERBY RAM


  4. Yeah, rest in piece, Barry, and all the best for you, whereever you are.

    This entry should have C64 purple background like a lot of Barry’s disk messages had (j/k)


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