Coolhand – Driven Staff

Real Name: Bill Lueck

Handle: Coolhand

Country: United States of America

Date of Death: 13/09/2015

Bill was the founder and the living spirit behind the great Driven NTSC Diskmag 1995-1998 ,

the diskmag covered the NTSC legal scene scene (Demos and commercial) and much more that and was the main editor from the early issue #1 on 1994

to the  last issue of #28 released on  July 1998 !!

. you can download the issues from CSDB page (scroll down below for the link)

from his web page  about his computer C64 life :

To keep Steve happy, I decided I ought to move my mug off of the first page, add some words to let people know a little more about me, and put it all here in the bio’s section. So, here we go..

I was born… nah.. that was too long ago for most people to remember. It was (at least) 51 years ago.. let’s leave it at that. 🙂

I bought my first c64 in 1983, I believe, “for my kids” (hehe). I started with only a tape drive, and soon added a Koala pad (and cartridge), which I still have and occasionally use. I initially wrote my own word processor (somewhat crude, in BASIC) so my kids could start to type their own papers on the computer. My program was a little too hard for them to use, so I moved on to Speedscript, a really nice word processor, which I still use at times today.

By 1986 I had acquired a 1541 drive (WOW, what an improvement over the tape drive) and a modem (a whizzy little 1660 – 300 baud!). That was the start of of a continuous growth in data rates (up to 38.4 now.. 🙂 and equipment. Nothing spectacular – just a few 64’s, 1541/71 drives, modems and cartridges.

I spent a a couple years, 89 to 91 I think, as a co-sysop on a Color 64 bbs (Swampland) – quite an interesting experience. Our bbs users (and other Orange County, CA, bbs’ers and sysops) would get together often for ‘Excursions’ – picnics with baseball games and frisbee tournaments – at local parks. It was on our local bbs’s that I started using the handle ‘coolhand’. (Ever see the movie ‘Coolhand Luke’?)

Then came the Internet. I sent my first email in the fall of 1991, if I remember right. IRC became a reality for me about 4 months later (first telneting to a public client in Austria, then compiling my own client). And believe it or not, I didn’t make my first assault on the Web until December of 1995.

What else significant? Not a lot, really… except for meeting some dude with the handle ‘Elwix’ not too long after starting on IRC. And later, he said he wanted to start a demo magazine called ‘Driven’.. and wanted to know if I had any interest in helping. For some strange reason I said, “Hmmm, that sounds interesting.. yeah, maybe I can do that…” 🙂


snapshots of Driven Magazine with release Dates

Issue #1 – released on 13/08/1994

Driven #1

Issue #2 – released on 03/09/1994

Driven #2

Issue #3 – released on 05/10/1994

Driven #3

Issue #4 – released on 04/11/1994

Driven #4

Issue #5 – released on 18/12/1994

Driven #5

Issue #6 – released on 06/02/1995

Driven #6

Issue #7 – released on 08/04/1995

Driven #7

Issue #8 – released on 12/05/1995

Driven #8

Issue #9 – released on 10/09/1995

Issue #10 – released on 11/11/1995

Driven #10

Issue #11 – released on 21/01/1996

Driven #11

Issue #12 – released on 06/03/1996

Driven #12

Issue #13 – released on 08/06/1996

Driven #13

Issue #14 – released on 05/06/1996

Driven #14

Issue #15 – released on 22/07/1996

Driven #15

Issue #16 – released on 05/09/1996

Driven #16

Issue #17 – released on October 1996

Issue #18 – released on 14/12/1996

Driven #18

Issue #19 – released on January 1997

Driven #19

Issue #20 – released on 20/03/1997

Driven #20

Issue #21 – released on 10/04/1997

Driven #21

Issue #22 – released on 08/05/1997

Driven #22

Issue #23 – released on 11/09/1997

Driven #23

Issue #24 – released on October 1997 (with Guy Shavitt music which i was honored to deliver it to Coolhand back on the day)

Driven #24

Issue #25 – released on January 1998

Driven #25

Issue #26 – released on March 1998

Driven #26

Issue #27 (known as special 4k-2)  – released on April 1998

Driven Special 4k-2

Issue #28 –  released on 21/07/1998

Driven #28

Internet Archive of Coolhand’s Driven homepage from 1999 can be found here:

Interview with Coolhand  can be found trough  Sceneworld #2  issue.  check this link:

you can visit Coolhand CSDB page here:

Thanks to Joerg our friend from Sceneworld Magazine  for helping out of making

this memorial page of  Coolhand . thanks  Joerg  !


Rest In Peace…Bill