Poison – Oneway



Handlestory :
Started out as Frizco of Impuls and later became Axe of Twilight. Hanged out a lot with Zmurph, Smiley, Ztatuz and Rob(all guys from my hometown Hellsingborg). Got myself and my friends kicked out of SCCS for ripping some code and releasing my own fake utilitycollection. Ater that I changed my handle into Poison and stopped laming around(meaning that I stopped trying to code and focused on Gfx).

Trivia :
Always been into gfx and swapping.
Quit the scene for a five year period during the nineties and did a lot of other stuff.
Studied art in Umeå.

Real name: Radek Stypczynsk

Handle:  Poison

Country: Sweden

Date of Death: 06/05/2011

you can find more info about him here:


Rest in peace Radek…flower3

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