Firefox – Axicon

Real name: Volker Breining

Handle: Firefox

Country:  Germany

Date of Death: 02/06/2017

Firefox  died because of a heart attack in very young age (45)  and he will surely be missed

to all of friends , team mates to Axicon , family and colleagues .

He was a user at rapidfire bbs and also created the Burst Nibbler V1.7+  tool to duplicate

disks with Parallel cable .

interview with Firefox from The Beergarden #6  by Tide  released on April 1 , 2001.

was transtlated from Hex to Text by Dr.j (Alex Goldblat)


interview with
‘firefox’ / -axicon-.

here we meet the founder of the -axicon- group,.an all round nice guy, so lets rip straight into
it and.that of coz means that from this

point on ‘f’ will be for firefox and ‘t’ will be for me, tomz. i sincerly.hope that’s not too complicated for you to understand..
…t/could you please introduce yourself to our readers?..f/-my name is volker, i’m 28 years old, have brown hair.
and eyes,and my height is about 1.82m. my hobbies are.playing basketball , swimming, jogging, music, party with
my friends and last but not least the c64 . i left school in 1991 with my abitur and so subseuqently i finished
an education as industry business man, and the last 3 years i’ve worked for an industrial bakery…t/-guess ya make lots of bread
? he he,sorry for my lame.joking,could you please tell us about your scene history??..f/-i’ve been in the scene since 1985,
and since 1986 my.handle has always been firefox, but there’s a firefox of art design also, but he entered the scene
a few years after i did, so i hope that clarifies things to those guys who have had their doubts about my handle…
t/-yea that was gunther damien,out of koln in germany and we haven’t seen anything from him in years whereas.
you’re a pretty active dude but lets continue with your earlier years, as you were saying…….????..
f/-from 1986 till 1989 i joined groups like speedlights.trianon and crypt , but in the summer of 1989 we had some
troubles with the law becoz of dealing with crax… was at this point that i
decided to stay away from.illegal part  of the scene. my friends (hallowen and the iron angel, both of crypt) were caught by the police .
and i lost more and more of my contacts in the scene..from 1990 to 1996 i did more or less nothing, but my love to the c64 was unbroken.
i started to program in.baisc and later in 1995 i continued with assembler, in 1996 i got back in the scene -100% and since
1998 i’m leader of -axicon-…t/-how do you see the scenes progress, where do you think it’ll be in 5 years time??
..f/-the scene will go on and on. … i have no doubts about.this, but the scenes got a ‘new face’,in my opinion. a big split between the internet-c64 and the snailmail both don’t care about each other and so the new releases
always stay on their own level. also the ‘rookie’ groups…get better and better ,on the other side established grps
vanishing more and more. i really can’t say with total accuracy what the scene will look like in 5 years time but it
will still exist! the big problem that the scene Dhas is the lack of any newcomers, although a big potential of newcomers
could be found in schools. just visit your old school and meet some of your old teachers , place some flyers for working-groups with the c64,
i’m sure that.the challange c64 finds its fans, not all kids are stupid mouse-button pushers…!!!!..t/-spot on!!!
we in tide have had success of this our local area so i know for a fact that this does indeed works-100%,
okay lets change the subject and who are your fave groups, and why??
..f/-my fave demogroups are triad, megastyle, crest,hitmen, taboo and samar coz their demo have their…own ‘styles and ideas’.
my fave cracking groups are.legend, avantgarde, f4cg, triad, ikari+talent, and remember…t/-and what about mags? do you
like them? which ones?
..f/-my fave mags are the crest, propaganda, relax,.domination, and scene+, four of them are dead.
but the best in scene journalism in my opinion, so of course i like them. mags are the only way for me to stay informed.
about the latest news. i don’t have an internet account at home to be on a mailinglist. therefore i have to go to our local
internet-cafe which cost me a lot of money.every surf 8-/. my respect must go to the whole of the domination staff, right here.
they came back with two.great issues, a lot of good articles, and latest news, “thumbs up!!”.
t/-yeah, great job david! now what do you think of all the lovely hardware that’s avaiable for the c64 in 2000.
(cmd – hard- drives / super-cpu’s and reu’s etc.etc)?
..f/-the scpu is for sure a nice invention but where is.the support for it?? and 95% of all sceners only have the
standard equipment and are happy with it. i would such an expansion. ask the guys who own this speed.wonder if they’re happy with and
can’t live without it ..the price of the scpu is a big barrier too,otherwise its support would have looked much better and had it taken
another way, a more positive/commercial way. …..but i don’t want to be the one who paints ‘the devil on the wall’, there
are still projects in progress for the scpu…t/-who in your opinion are organisers+people, who are doing some good things
for this little machine of ours?…f/-first there should be mentioned all mageditors of.todays-alive mags. also a great institution
for me is the.german ‘go64’ staff which recently managed to release.its mag for foreign people too.(us english speaking…*ed)
.not forgeting all the game programmers working on their stuff and last but not least, the party organisers
….t/-what are your future plans with -axicon-??..f/-oh! you hit me!! i decided to share up the group
all.projects like premium magazine,our demo and some other.little works are cancelled.
this decision belongs to me .and had nothing to do with the rest of the group. as i have started a solo-project of supporting
the scene in.different ways,ya know? i will help beginner groups with coding, writing articles for mags,
keep on snail-swapping and a lot more things. so more things. so i will stay ‘100%’, in scene…….
and i thank you volker for your time,and.the fact that you’d typed it out which made it easier to read
than some of the other interviews we get here. .many of them handwritten.
and of coz like all the nice people we here, their addys can be found in one of the addy part of this mag, should you wish
to make contact with them… if you can spare a few minutes, and have some sort of scene hist. then we’d be delighted
to, just let us know on the back of our votesheet,and i.will contact you. (easy huh?*ed)..
“return or click, will get ya there quick…..!!”..$.t0mz…


you can visit the C64 profile page here:

Rest In Peace…Volker