T.M.R of Cosine is passed away after 15 month battle with Covid-19

Sue and Jason Kelk on their wedding day in 2017. The couple have been together for 21 years.

Very sad news for all 8bit lovers , It is with great sadness that we can confirm that  Jason Kelk  from United Kingdom known as T.M.R/Cosine (stands for The Magic Roundabout) passed away after a long battle with Covid-19 . Leeds man Jason Kelk – who was thought to be the UK’s longest Covid-19 inpatient having spent the past 14-and-a-half months in hospital – has died on 18th of June. Jason was one of the most loved and known C64 Coder and 8 bit Pixel artist of the Commodore 64 , making enormous releases during the last 30 years , it is hard even to think that this person won’t make any more demos or games for the C64 , and won’t make any more cutting-edge and stunning C64 contributions of his very significant skills (coding and graphics) . T.M.R which stands for The Magic Roundabout  was one of the best coders in the recent years

who not only made dozens of very creative and full of charm and nostalgic demos for the C64 scene, he was also upload C64 sources written on C64 compiler to Github source control so ppl could be able to download the files or view them through Github and learn from his many detailed works , nevertheless he was very active in the C64 Scene for a long time , making C64 demos , C64 Cracktros, C64 intros, Cracks , Music collections , C64 intros , music , disk- mags and almost every kind of releases which was possible to be made on the Commodore 64 , leaving a lot of friends, colleagues and group mates sad from the big loss. T.M.R was a member of those groups: Driven Staff ,Nostalgia , Carcass , Church 64, Commodore Zone, Onslaught but will be always remembered for his long duty for Cosine group. his handle took from the Name of a childrens television programme imported to the UK from France and re-dubbed by Eric “Emma’s dad” Thompson – who couldn’t speak French!

Cosine Internal Meeting - April 2016
Cosine C64 group , taken on 10 April 2016 . T.M.R. is on the right. thanks to Odie/Cosine

here is some of C64 demos (clips) made by T.M.R/Cosine capture and uploaded on Youtube , you might
as well watch the demo on a real hardware or you can use emulation like for example: Vice which you can d/l from here:

C64 demo MD201509 by Cosine

Set Peace demo Released at North Party V1.0 in 1997 and got 8th place in the demo competition.
Cosine – MD201510 Spoopiness one file demo
MD201702 by Cosine 
Cosine – INC D021 released on 1999

There is a report of Jason illness with details about his battle as being the longest in-patient with Covid-19 here:

You can visit T.M.R profile on CSDB with full list of his releases :

Sources for this tribute:
CSDB website
Yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk website

Rest In peace Jason


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  1. Chancer/Cosine the biggest and most laughable retard who ever touched a C64.


  2. chancer / cosine October 21, 2021 — 6:55 am

    one of my oldest c64 friends.. and he wrote numerous intros for me back in the day. He came to London to finish linking “lethargy” after me nagging him to do some coding.. back in 93 .. was a great and tiring weekend that won’t be forgotten.

    there is more comments i could make, but the only one I can say is he got taken way to soon.


  3. Owen Crowley (Conrad, former C64 musician/coder) June 29, 2021 — 2:23 pm

    Really sad that Jason is no longer with us in the C64 (and other 8-bit) scene. TMR was one of the first people I emailed when I wanted to make my own steps in the C64 scene back in 2004-05… after I watched a lot of Cosine demos at that time. It was also cool to finally meet him at Play Expo 2013 … a great character as well as a very skilled demo maker and game developer.

    My condolences go to his wife Sue, his family and all C64 sceners that were close friends to him for many years.

    Rest In Peace, TMR/Cosine

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  4. Petro Tyschtschenko June 27, 2021 — 1:36 am

    I am very shocked to be informed that T.M.R of Cosine is passed away after 15 month battle with Covid-19.
    Rest in peace. Prior President of Amiga. Petro Tyschtschenko

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