MacGyver/Protovision – A shining star left us

Real name:  Milo Mundt

Handle: MacGyver

Country: Germany

Day of Death: 2022/10/14

It’s always hard and heart-breaking to write such a post… A post – which I don’t like to write – but there is no choice. Our friend to the C64 diskmagazine/demo/games scene, Milo Mundt aka MacGyver from Protovision (and a lot of other C64 groups back in the day), is not with us anymore. MacGyver was one of the key members of the German C64 magazine Return (January 2012 to August 2015), working for the great C64 games publisher “Protovision”. A software company which is developing and selling NEW Commodore 64 games, hardware and other stuff for the good old Commodore C64 to keep it alive.
MacGyver was a member of the following groups:
Airwolf-Team (3-1994 -> 6-1995), Bliss (5-2012 -> 11-2015), C64 Club Berlin (9/12-2006 -> 19/11-2009), DMAgic (1997 -> 4-2005), Fairlight (1996 -> 5-1997), Protovision (31/10-2020 -> 10-2022), Protovision (2000 -> 29/11-2011), Return Magazin (01-2012 -> 08-2015), The Phoenix Foundation, and The Stock. RIP MacGyver.
I hope we will meet in 8bit Heaven. Last but not least: In my opinion the main power of the C64 community (games/demos/hardware/you name it) is the friendship between the people and the great people devoted to keep the Commodore 64 alive and kicking. I met MacGyver a few times at the BCC parties in Berlin, such a sweet guy, so a nice guy… damn… life is so unfair!? Very sad today for his death because he was very special and was famous for his much love and care for the good old Commodore 64. He was a mega swapper, a text editor for a lot of C64 mags, in physically and paper format. Everyone loved him!!! I already miss the smile and personality of Milo. We want to send our sincere condolences to his family and his brother Malte Mundt aka ThunderBlade (founder of the Airwolf-Team).

you can visit his Fabulous Return Magazine (German) here:

you can visit his C64 profile on CSDB website:

Rest in peace Milo...

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  1. It always shocks me to hear such sad news.
    Rest in peace. Our community will never forget you.

    Petro Tyschtschenko, Former President Amiga


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