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Real name:  Glenn ‘M-vex’ Larsson

Handle: Hoxy

Country: Sweden

Date of Death:  01/02/2018

On the 1 of February 2018 while going to work he got a heart attack and died at 10AM.

from the crack of  Adventures in Narnia: Dawn Treader 2011

from the crack of Bounty Bob Strikes Back 2011

from the crack Thanatos 2012

from the crack Q-hop 2013

from the crack  Loopz 2013

TheRyk wrote about him those words:

Gonna remember him as a skilled cracker who had the bad luck to be in notoriously unpopular ATA at a time when virtually every ATA release was publicly shitstormed into pieces, sometimes for good reasons (though we could easily have the same shitstorms about 50% of nowadays releases by other groups, even some of the most popular ones, difference is, no one cares a lot anymore) but often rather because of ancient US American feuds/”war” which Hoxy himself had nothing to do with and always kept out of. However, (unlike myself, but that’s a different story) he stuck to ATA in tough times which makes me look back at him as a very loyal guy.

Sure we’re getting older, yet 50 is far too young to go 😦


Ziggy72 wrote the following farewell words:

Sorry for the late post, I have just shared a tool he was working on before he passed away. Its called HDDA, its used to document c64 loaders that were created in the DMP format on a dc2n. HDDA 0.4927

Hoxy was a really nice guy that I used to chat to about c64’s. He was one of those people whose emails you always looked forward to as it would always contain something interesting. His passing has left a big hole in c64 tape preservation 😦

thread on Lemon64 about his sad lost:



you can visit Hoxy C64 profile here:


Rest in Peace…Hoxy