Westbam – TRSI


Handle: Westbam aka Mike , also used the handle: Narc/Legend and  John Sinclair

Country: Germany

Ex member of :
Legend (1992 -> 2007), Sh0ck Magazine Staff (1-1992 -> 2-1993)
Functions :
Cracker, Modem Trader, Organizer, Original Supplier


It was alerted to us that Westbam had also passed away two years ago at the age of 36.

Westbam was most known for his European based activities with TRSI, Razor 1911, INC, and Legend in the early to mid-1990s and later with the original Divine.

you can read more about the scener here:



Ripped Interview from Shock #05:

well my handle is narc and
i’m a member of legend – the will
of god for about 1.5 years now! my real
name is Michael, i’m from germany, i’m 20 years old, 1.85 cm long and why weight is about 450 pounds. i have short hair,
and wear two ear rings in my left ear. overall i’m a lazy person
[s]: what do you do in real life?
[n]: right now i don’t do much usefull.
i’m taking a school break right now
for six months so i’ve got plenty of free
time together with my girlfriend
and to finish coding my game
i also like to drive around with my car around with no special reason.
[s]: what were some of the first groups you were
in. and what were some of the first famous people you met?
[n]: the first c64 group i ever joined was new edition
later i joined elite groups like : rti and dcs, i forgot who the first elite persons were i met!
[S]: If for some reason you had to leave legend, would you join another group?
[n]: the only group i wanted to join was ikari but since they joined us,
there is no group i would really like to join!
[n]: favorites
actor _ : j.c. van damme, a.schwarenegger!
drink _ : german beer, coca cola classic.
movie _ : too many!
food _ : zwiebelrostbraten/spaetzle, etc…
music _ : krafwerk, klf, hosen etc…
game _ : int. soccer, neuromancer.
board _ 2nd to none, reign in blood.

[s]: what do you think has changed most through the years you have been active in th scene? would you ever go to
another machine?
[n]: well, there’re only a few groups left! nowadays
making real 1st releases and guality! lamers grew up more and more. many real elite got sick of all and quit! the
games lost quality. well, before i joined the 64 scene i was on amstrad
and an average known cracker (byte bandits and later dynamite!). i won’t go amiga but maybe pc as this
is the machine!
[s]: if you could go anywhere, where would you go?
[n]: hmm, i’d like to go to hawaii but then i guess, i would never come back!
[s]: what are your future plans in the scene and in real life?
[n]: i’ll try to
keep that speed in cracking i offer now and i’ll try to improve my cracking/
coding skills. my real future plans are to finnish school, start studying then
, and maybe move out together with my girl, we’ll see…
[s]: if you would be one of the co-editors of shock what
would the first thing be you would change/improve?

[n]: the first thins i would do is improve the slow textout put, the text is
very cool so there are no other changed needed! i
[s]: it has been speeded up in this issue!, anyway, say hi to
the few that deserve it!
[n]: yap yap’s to my friends in nei, legend, censor, talent,
dr.cool, god, mr.wax, waco, derbyshire ram,rocky, gerwin and some more…
[s]: if you had to power to get anyone back into the scene who would that be?

[n]: i’d like to get jeff smart back because of his magazine ,conan from strike force and all the guys who got caught
because of the lame traitor spitfire so that they could kick his lame ass like he deserves amd maybe w.konrad
so that spitfire would atleast have one lame friend he could crawl into his butt…
[s]: after all the troubles for me getting this, thanx for your time, and the interview
[n]: no problem!

source: Shock Mag. #05




Source: https://defacto2.wordpress.com

Rest in peace Michael… flower3

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