ALF – Micronet

Real name: Carlo

Handle: Alf

Country: Netherlands

Date of Death:  Feb/2007

Ex member of :
Micronet (24/11-1987 -> 2-1988), New Generation Crew (1987 -> 23/11-1987)
Function :

Passed away at the age of 38 in February 2007.

Rest in peace, “Alf”

Last week an old friend of mine, whom I’ve known since I was 14 or something, died at the age of 38. Together with Carlo (aka Alf from The New Generation Crew) I wrote my very first demo on the Commodore 64 and was one of the main influences in my life that made me decide I wanted to work with computers.

Rest in peace, Carlo, you will be remembered.


From the web-log of Scan (

rest in peace Carlo… flower3

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