Bruno – Anarchy




Real name: Jussi Pietilä

Handle: Bruno

Group: Anarchy

Country: Finland

Date of death:  March/2008

Bruno was a scene legend in the Amiga scene days, creating inspirational and ground breaking tracks using samples from, well, anywhere he could find! I`ve included a link to uralvolgafine which is one of my own personal favorites and also a link to a selection of some of his tracks (in ogg format) in a zip archive. Give them a listen and imagine how he created these tracks using only 4 channels of audio!

Bruno (or Jussi) was a nice guy – generous, friendly and great fun to hang around.




Sceners mourn the loss of Bruno (Jussi Pietilä), former member of groups like Gate, Anarchy, Cyberiad and SCUP. Whether or not you like his music, he must be considered one of the most innovative minds of scenemusic of that era.

It is always sad when someone passes away and even more so when you have spent your youth (and later, too) enjoying this person’s music, as I’m sure many of us here have done. We here at BitFellas and BitJam can only express our deepest sympathy to family and friends. Take some time to write a message in our forum thread and why not queue up some of his music in your favourite player meanwhile?

Here are a few words Bruno had to say about his own songs in the scrolltext of Bruno’s Music Box 3, it gives you some insight into this creative marvel of a music mind:


rest in peace Bruno… flower3

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