Commodore Master



Real name: Ingo Sander

Handle: Commodore Master

Country: Germany

Function :


User Comment
Submitted by DeeKay on 15 October 2013. Commodore Master passed away on 11. Oct 2013. Police found him dead in his bed after he did not show up at work. He was well liked in the german c64 community (although most of us never met him due to him working the night shift at BMW) and an avid collector of all things Commodore. He was only 41 and will be sorely missed, also by his beloved cat “Mucki”.He loved movies, especially 3D and old horror flicks, and he loved converting pictures (his own photographs and movie covers) with Mufflon and posting them on his FB wall (some of which looked amazingly good!), so as a tribute to him, I did likewise with his scene-orbituary…


rest in peace Commodore Master… flower3

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