Pixman – Thule

Real name: Michael Durrer

Handle: Pixman

Country: Switzerland

Date of Death: 13/11/2018

Pixman started on the C64 in the early 2000s and was a regular and visible guest at the German and Swiss demoparties of that time, also participating in organising tUM and Geek Camp. I got to know him back then as a cheerful, highly energetic person, always up to a prank. After a few years, he disappeared from most sceners’ sight, and began showing up at parties again only a few years ago – some of the younger sceners might have met him for the first time on Outline 2016. He never gave up his scene interests, even while going through severe health problems, and recently he volunteered to help me with my “Got Papers?” project – a collaboration that now, sadly, will never happen.

He will be sorely missed by many.

I (Dr.j) have met Pixman at X’16 party as we by coincidence  slept in the same room with some other C64 sceners  , i remember his as very nice personality and the fact he was very kind and talkative guy ,   we had very good chats about the C64 Scene and we even planned one day to collaborate and maybe to release a demo together. he told me he making gfx from time to time and we had some nice FB chats afterwards , but approximately  year ago we lost touch , i must admit   i was quite  in a big shock when i have read he is gone through the CSDB a week ago ,  he  far too young to pass away in the  age of 32 , i knew he had some health issues in his life but i don’t know if its of any kind related to his sudden death. Rest in peace my friend 😦  , and thank you for knowing your special personality . you will be missed by a lot of friends and contacts , hope to see you again in 8bit heaven .


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Rest In Peace… Michael