Antonio “Arguru” Rius


Real name: Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius

Handle: Arguru

Country: Spain

Arguru passes away in a car accident

We are sad to hear that Arguru has died in a car accident on 3 June 2007.  He was a very talented programmer and creator of a lot of great software, including NoiseTrekker, which formed the basis for the very first version of Renoise.


Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius will be remembered as a very productive and talented developer, starting new projects every few months.  His work includes NoiseTrekker, Aodix, Modix, and Psycle and plugins such as DirectWave and StarDust.  He was also recently involved with projects for ImageLine FL Studio.

We offer our condolences to Arguru’s family and friends. Rest in Peace, Arguru.

Original announcement (translated from Spanish)


shamann wrote:Apparently seven people were killed in the accident:

Very sad, rest in peace. :(Well, that’s not correct. What that news says is that 7 people died in car accidents in Andalucia during the last weekend. One of them was Arguru. His car apparently went over a cliff.




Another project based on NoiseTrekker is Protrekkr, an advanced tracker that aims to create small music files for demoscene intros.

ProTrekkr is a tracker program combining a software synthesizer together with a traditional samples tracker which can be used to create electronic music. This program is based on the program NoiseTrekker written by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius. The program can be used to make music for small sized intros, demos or games. The Amiga OS4 version is made by Fredrik Wikstrom. ProTrekkr is also available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.


rest in peace Arguru… flower3

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