Ramos Has left the 8bit building



With great sadness and regret to inform you that today, he’s gone away our colleague mariusz rozwadowski “ramos”, Friend, guide… The man who saved digital stories, and antique furnishings. As a member of the group demoscene commodore “samar”, He was known in many quarters, he wrote many articles for many professional magazines (m. In. PIXEL., CHIP.PL Magazyn CD-Action, Ppe. En), co-author of several books (the most famous “bytes polish”); He’s been haunting story of informatics, your commitment contributed to save many unique documents and traces of high and low “computer”. We’ll you mariusz deeply missed…… Thank you for everything..



Handle: Ramos/Samar Productions/H.V.S.C Crew

Real name : Mariusz Rozwadowski

Country: Poland

Date of passing: 15/08/2015

Ex member of :
FanCA (1/1-2008 -> 9-2014) [web], HVSC Crew (25/4-2005 -> 15/8-2015) [web], KAplus (1/10-2014 -> 15/8-2015) [web], Samar Productions (9-1993 -> 15/8-2015)
Functions :
Co-Organizer, Diskmag Editor, Logo Graphician, Mega Swapper, Musician, Organizer
Founder of :
KAplus, Samar Productions

Ramos got a stroke and died tragically 2 days ago. can’t still believe the news of his sudden death .

Ramos motivated many people to return to C64 computer scene after many years of absence and was a great person . RIP Ramos

from a post written by Pece on 17/08.2015:

I’v got the sad news the day he died from his close friend. I’m devastated since then. He was only 39 years old. Can’t believe it! Ramos invited me to join Samar group in 2012. I met him two times in person and had many conversations via phone or Skype. He was so motivating and inspiring, so nice. If it wasn’t for him, some tunes would have never been done or released. It was true for me. I can assure you that his passion for C64 was so great that it could put anybody to shame. He talked about old chiptunes and other productions with such passion like they were made just yesterday and about fresh ones “impressing, and it’s only 1 MHz”. Ramos always pushed boundaries, wanted to release 2SID, 3SID collections. I had the impression that he rarely rested. Or else how did he manage to do so much after 8.00-16.00 job? Writing articles, editing “C&A Games” magazine, publishing books, coordinating Samar group, working for Museum of History of Computers and Informatics, talking with people for hours and hours. He planned to coordinate the making of sequel of great Polish game “Knoorkie”. We talked about it on the phone few months ago. Damn, two weeks ago he asked me if I could make some music for demo for party in Cracow… I have just composed a song specially for him and it will be a part of my upcoming electronic album – that’s all I can do now…

K&A plus second edition a polish magazine  Have release a special issue in memory of Ramos


, grab the English edition from here:

Click to access K&A_Plus_02_EN.pdf

you can read about Ramos/Samar P. on CSDB page:




rest in peace Mariusz… flower3


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  1. I never knew him personally, but I’ve seen the ripples he caused in the demoscene by creating Samar. Such beautiful ripples they are. His passion and devotion to the 64 should always be remembered. RIP


  2. What a loss. I hardly knew Ramos, just from occasional e-mailing, seemed a nice and straight-forward guy.

    Thanks you very much, Alex, for doing this website. It’s a very important thing to do.


  3. Silver Bullet / (Ex) Samar October 10, 2015 — 6:56 pm

    Shocked and very sad to hear that RAMOS has passed away… Rest in peace my old friend.


  4. Rest in peace my friend.


  5. Rest in Peace my friend….You didn’t make it in time for your interview…I will remember you…

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  6. Thank you for your passion and energy. We will never forget you.


  7. Also Rest In Peace from me.


  8. Thanks Ramos my friend that you talked me back on C64 computer scene so many years of my absence, where i met so many wonderful people. … and rest in peace Mariusz …


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