Dflame of Alpha flight has left us…


Alex Goldblat 23/12/2016

it was reported by Xenox/Alpha flight that Michael Koslowski Aka Dflame was found dead today from heart attak. sorry to be the one who report about it . Dflame was one of my good FB friends and i got the honor to make a demo with him with : “Xmas Alpha Flight on Delysid” . very sad news….. still can’t believe it.

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Real name:

Michael Koslowski
member of :
Alpha Flight (10/2-2013 -> )  Blazon (22/2-2008 -> ), The Stock (12/2-2008 -> )
Functions :
Coder, Graphician

Date of death:




a few letters i have taken from his FB profile from various of friends throughout the world

Taylor Sophia:

Hey big guy. Wherever you are, if you are looking down on us or do something else mum I and all the others the fond of you that have spent years with you have hope that you’re now okay where you are. You missed us as much as we do you. You gave us so many beautiful and funny moments gift we will never forget. Big heart deserves a lot of paradise. Just as you were you will be always in flashback. We miss you very much and we love you. Forever.

Barbara Thiele:

Dear Michael, I hope you are doing well where you are now. The message that you are no longer with us, you hit me like a blow and am deeply sad. I miss you, I miss you. Why are you so soon? Why is it always the good guys? We have only seen once and written a lot, due to the large distance. From day one true empathy there immediately and could trust you, what only a few people make me so early. You’ve taken me as I am, from the very first day, just like me true. Always had an open ear for me. I thank you for your patience and for your friendship. It true a short but a wonderful friendship. Will always be in my heart and memories live on. Thank you that I could meet you.
Rest in peace, dear Michael.

Richard Bayliss  words taken from CSDB:

Michael was a great logo artist and graphician. He did some fun pictures for some of my game projects, and we also did some fun stuff for Blazon and Crypt. In order to say farewell to him, I think it would be nice to produce a small demo playing tribute to him, and get people involved to write a text paying tribute.
Michael was a nice chap. He made really colourful graphics, which were very enjoyable to look at.

Last Touch by Blazon – a Tribute to Dflame

A collection of demo parts, which also consist of some old unreleased material by DFlame before he passed away in 23/12/2016. RIP Dflame.

The demo also consists of new parts, mainly programmed by Richard/TND/BLAZON, but also features some special guest appearances from other group members.

More info and downloads here:





a few screenshots of his C64 releases under multiple groups Dflame was participated:

“Darkroom” on 2015


“Happy Bithday TroubleMaker” on 2008


“AFL-Intro 2014 #01” (together with Gothicman)  on 2014


“AFL-Intro 2013 #04” on 2013


“Plasma” on #2013


“Hot Demo II” on 2012


“Lightyears Cracktro ” on 2011


“Happy New Year 2008 ” on 2007


read more about Dflame on CSDB here:



Rest in peace… Michaelflower4

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