Andreas Gustafsson Aka Shadow/G*P/NOICE left us too early…

 Another 8-bit legend has gone. Terrible news has happened without any sign. 💔 Andreas Gustafsson, also known as Shadow, was a highly respected coder and graphic artist who was one of the best and most popular coders in the scene in recent years, with amazing productions for Noice and Genesis Project. The demo scene is in a state of shock due to this tragic news. I have decided to share Vanja’s post from Genesis Project’s Facebook page, which contains touching words about the loss of a great friend. 💔💔

The last thing we were able to finish on the Commodore 64 before Andreas “Shadow” Gustafsson passed away was North of the Wall, a demo in 4013 bytes, made in homage to the novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin and the TV series “Game of Thrones” based on the books. Andreas loved both the novels and the show, and we spent a lot of time discussing the episodes as they were being released.
Andreas was always so humble, he was an absolute magician who programmed so many things on more than 30 different platforms, but beyond posting video recordings of his work on his youtube channel he wasn’t very comfortable promoting his work. When I told him I had posted about our “Snow Day” demo for the Atari VCS here on Facebook and on the AtariAge forum, he replied “Jättebra att du gör lite reklam så att folk får se vad vi gjort! ❤ Själv är jag så dålig på self-promotion.” – “It’s great that you do some advertising so people can see what we’ve done! ❤ I’m so bad at self-promotion myself.”
I told him I would post about North of the Wall as well, but then we started on our next project, and it slipped my mind. I deeply regret not posting about North of the Wall when I had planned to, so he could have seen people’s comments. But I am glad that we were able to make this little demo together, based on a book and TV series that he loved, a series we had talked so much about over many years.
All the graphics in this demo are in text mode, made using the 256 predefined 8×8 pixel symbols and letters in the built in font on the Commodore 64. (PETSCII)
Programming and design by Andreas “Shadow” Gustafsson.
Graphics, design and music programming by Vanja “Mermaid” Utne. 💔

A memorial letter by Dave Almer (Hedning/G*P leader)
Dearest Andreas. It was on Gubbdata I met you most often, and you appeared year after year with the most amazing and creative productions. I would like to claim that you were driving me to continue organizing Gubbdata for 10 years. You were also extremely important in making the Genesis Project what we became after the 2010 reboot. You always had your obvious place in the group. Your creativity and friendly appearance contributed greatly to what we became. The motto “Accept No Limits” fit you perfectly. We are many, many who miss you, and you will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with your family and all your friends. 💔 thank you Hedning for the touchy words May be an image of 11 people, beard, people standing and outdoors

“North of the Wall” , Shadow last production to C64 community , an amazing 4k Intro (PETSCII) made with Mermaid/G*P

a Memorial Page dedicated to Shadow

you can Shadow CSDB profile here:

Rest in Peace Andreas Gustafsson


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