Jedi – Light


Real name:  Tony Lindskog

Handle: Jedi

Country: United States

Ex member of :
Light (1989 -> 1990), Rawhead, Triumph
Functions :
Co-Organizer, Co-Sysop, Coder, Graphician, Hacker, Importer, Logo Graphician, Mega Swapper, Modem Trader, Organizer, Original Supplier, Phreaker, Sysop
Founder of :


Jedi was the Co-founder of the c64 group : Triumph and a was a member of Light and The Silents .

He Born and lived in Sweden under his active days…

Committed suicide 29 December 2010 by mixing pills and wine.




you can read more about his c64 activity here:

rest in peace Tony… flower3


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  1. I still remember Tony, when we he was in Light, back in the days, we had quite some fun together at the parties and then he was still in touch with me while he lived in US, where he eventually got married and lived. He was a funny guy, constantly joking around of all kinds of things, I remember him as a happy guy with great sense of humor. You are still remembered! not forgotten!


  2. A tragic story. Real bad. All my condolences, Icon.


  3. Mikael Johansson (Icon) April 25, 2015 — 9:47 pm

    Tony was my brother from another mother. He lived near me the last five years of his life and I was the one who found him, dead. I miss him everyday and I still has his number on speeddail and countless times I have picked up the phone to call him to tell him something funny, sad or interesting. Like a lightning it stuck me what has happend and my phone slides back in my pocket again. One of his legacy was that besides from creating XLC and Triumph 2001 he cofounded The Silents with me, Snooki, Dezed and Utopia. Miss you Tone….


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