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jr. predator

Real Name: Jordi Rom Lopez

Handle: JR Predator

Country: Spain

Date of Death: 20/12/1991


AFAIK December 20th 1991 at 7.00 am. Mamba #25 contains some background information on Jordi and the deployment of the Spanish cracking scene.* Biggest C-64 Party Animal *

Died of leukemia in 1991



from the Frontpage 12 (c64) issue:

this issue is released by TRC+TBI coz
jr.predator is visiting me tha weekend
he came all the way from SPAIN to join
me and go to venlo! he’s a party-freak
we in The Ruling Company and blasters
have a lot of fun, so this coop wont

die as many cooperations die bcoz of
hate and anger! we in TRC+TBI are the
FUTURE! YEH.. the future is ours!!

this issue will be a lot of news coz i
did n’t do a march issue, sum news ‘ld

be a bit old and sum news is HOT! ahh!
FURTHER i’ll give ya my ranks,sum new
FILM RELEASES,important messies and a
lot of more shit to complete this file

so sit back and go on reading the NEWS

you can also swap with our cooperation
partners, the BLASTERS INC.:
JR.PREDATOR(jordi rom)-apdo.14227-
08080-barcelona-spain *or write to:*
jrc/jordi-po.box 3102-o8905-hospitalet
de llobregat-barcelona-spain!! -TBI!-

here we close this issue of FRONTPAGE!
hope you liked it and see ya next time

FrOnTpAgE 12 was spread at 20-4-’91 at
the venlo meeting by da ruling company
SIGNED: action JACKSON & JR.predator!!

To remember: Mamba #25 (Jordi)

you can’t really deny it.
the computer is a part of our real

by reading the following pages
everyone will understand, will have
to admit it though.

these lines were written by jrc in
honour of jr predator, who was known
as the funny spanish guy of the
blasters inc.

the guy we will keep in mind…

who was jr predator ?

the last 20th december, jr predator
i’m sure that most of you have heard
his handle once before in your
computer life, others even were close
friends to him.

jordi (his real name) was one of the
few left in the scene without enemies
for him the c64 was his hobby #1,
finding most of his friends with the
help of his little & lovely c64.

who has read a party report without
his handle in there ? difficult…

most of you will remember him as the
europe mega-traveller #1. he was at
the most important parties (crazy,
dom, horizon and all the radwar

but after a little introduction about
him i’ll try to explain his whole
computer career.

in 1987 jordi started his informatic
university studies in barcelona.
there was his first contact with the
computer world. then he began to get
in touch with other students with a
c64 and made the decision to stop
with his little zx 81 and so he
bought a c64.

after that he formed a local c64
group called human torches. the
members were jmj, amd, and him (jrp).

all the c64 games spread these days
were released by them, becoming the
first real elite group here in spain.
after these days they quit that group
and he made the decision to run
another group, but now with other
members from other parts of spain.
that group was called golden minds.
(formed by foxbyte and him)

after their first steps in the
cracking activities, another spanish
group appeared. those days there were
alot of independants. in that year
most of the legendary groups on the
c64 were formed. the little crews
didn’t have anything to hold against
the big ones. jordi saw that and
organized a meeting at his place with
some of the best local pirates.
the 27th of june 1988, the blasters
inc. were formed, by foxbyte, acm,
bsr, jcs, bbc and jr predator. tbi
was the first international group in
spain. the good years came with all
the spanish games released by tbi,
but the real jump to the elite scene
was managed by cracking ‘operation
thunderbolt’, by tbi.

with the time, most of the original
members went to the amiga scene, but
jordi never quit the c64.

in 1989, another spanish group
appeared, called the big ones, formed
by sparky, the fox, mad joe and me
(jrc). in that period i met jrp for
the first time. these days we thought
about joining forces and then we made
the decision to quit big ones and
joined blasters.

in spring 1990, we started a
cooperation with our friends in the
ruling company. the leaders of both
crews (jrp and action jackson) were
close friends and it was one of the
most important reasons to start the
tbi+trc coop. it was a friendship
in spring 1991 the original members
of the big ones made the decision to
leave blasters because of internal
problems with black hole (the member
in madrid).

already in spring 1990 the first real
symptoms of jordi’s illness appeared.
his illness was increasing with the
pass of time. the horizon easter
party ’91 was his last international
travel. after that party his illness
went worse until his fatal end.

some months before his death, some of
his best friends knew what could
happen sooner or later. we didn’t
spread the word because we didn’t
have the right to do it.

the blasters was something more than
just a computer group in his life.
it was like a way of life.
only the people who have been a
member of the blasters will know what
i mean.

the skiing was his second passion,
spending all the weekends practicing
this sport.

also i can say that he was very
generous to all his friends. his home
was also the home of all his friends
and i’m sure that many of you, by
reading these lines, will remember
the inter-rail days, sleeping at his

i’m sure that he enjoyed the life as
much as he could. it was the best
decision of his life.

about his character, he had a strong
personality. all of us still remember
his shouts. these shouts were part
of him. when he lost his energy we
began to realize that something was

it just was the beginning of his end.
he shared all he owned with his
friends, like those weekends playing
poker at his home till daybreak..

jr predator was friends with all the
elite’s and never had any enemy or
war with another group.

the 20th of december at 7.00 my
telephone rang. jordi just died a
little while ago. blood cancer
stopped his heart beating and he left

the day i spread the word about his
death, i only read good things about
for once in a life-time, all the
raggings and quarrels in the scene

we understood that with him a little
part of the c64 is gone, with all
the parties, letters, conferences
and meetings. for me and some of you
it won’t be the same without him.

i felt the obligation to write these
lines. perhaps because we had alot
of things in common…
our handle’s jr predator and jrc,
or names jordi and jordi, and the
most important happening in our
lives, our c64.

i am sure that most of you want to
demonstrate your last appreciation
to him and don’t know how, just send
a letter to the following address:


i’ll give all the letters to his

whereever you stay junior, i wish
you good luck!

signed:     jrc/trc

even rich of empire shows his
condolence !?

‘kinda reminds me when we called
mamasoft/ics and his mother kept
telling us ‘morte, morte, morte’.

we never understood until we saw in
a mag that mamasoft died in a car

source: http://c64mags.untergrund.net/wiki/index.php?title=Mamba_25_ch01_Obituary&action=edit

rest in peace Jordi… flower3

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  1. Amazing remember the story.
    I am Bernard (BSR) from The Blasters Inc.


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