Scope – Genesis Project,F4CG


Real name: Mathias Vinsa

Handle: Scope

Country: Sweden

Ex member of :
Choice, Death Sector, Fantastic 4 Cracking Group [web], Genesis Project (1993 -> ) [web], Omega (2-1991 -> 1991), Oxygene, Pandora, Phasia (1989 -> 1990), Plasma Design (1992 -> 1992), Propaganda Magazine Staff, Racoon, TRIAD (3-1993 -> 25/3-1993) [web], Triumph ( -> 1/2-1991), Vision, Warrant (3-1990 -> 1990), Wolfen
Functions :
Cover Designer, Fullscreen Graphician, Graphician, Logo Graphician, Modem Trader, Phreaker, Swapper


Was found dead on a subway track in Stockholm in 1995

All around good guy!

Brother of Shark/Censor Design

Tribute youtube: Hello Scope by Atlantis and Fantastic 4 Cracking Group and Genesis Project

rest in peace Mathias… flower3


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  1. Here’s a little more info on this incident.!topic/comp.sys.cbm/NQUCrtBfrA4

    Strange story, people usually don’t fall onto train rails by accident. I wonder if police investigated.


  2. Driven Magazine a NTSC Disk Mag did a tribute to Scope/F4CG! It was an awesome read! RIP Dude!


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