Real Name: Andy

Handle:  Scoundrel

Country: Germany

Date of Death: 1991

A scroll text ripped from  the release Party Demo 1991:

time is eternal ??? well, at least not for me, because it’s already quite late a
nd i want to go home… hmmm… 8 people have been present on this little meeting in the lamest district of cologne all
ed ‘porz’ !!! nun, now that i’m here i want to thank all present people (from
titron & action) for their entertainment l8a peter/talent

hiho lamers ! here’s sledge of titron destroying your upfucked nervs ! today is the
14th of april 1991 and we have a little meeting at scoundrels place just to celebrate his birthday ! the meeting started
yesterday (the 13th) and there’s no end in sight and i am so fuckin’ tired ‘coz i woke up at 7.00 o’lock yesterday and
now it is 1.00 am and a lot of beers do the rest ! anyway this meeting is very
nice ! here are scoundrel,joshua,marc and sledge (i) of titron and peter of i+t
! one hour ago freddy and sid of titron left us to wank home to suck each others
dick (just kidding dudes !) now a few greetings to : airwolf/action – scorpie/f4cg – duke/i+t – aktie/triad –
bonzai – joker/maniax – peter/i+t – gazza/tat – kurtti/contrast designs – twf/hitmen – dense/hitmen and no more at the mo’ ! later,sledge/titron…


you can find more c64 related news from Scoundrel here:

Rest in peace…Andy 

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